Tips to Optimize Your Home Office

The daily routine has completely shifted, as many of us are now working from home. Not gonna lie, we’ve happily ditched (at least temporarily) the stressful commute, but we’re especially missing morning catch-ups with colleagues and the balance between work and home life. It’s hard to shut off from work when your living space has become your office space and the dining room table, kitchen counter or coffee table is playing double duty as your new desk/filing area (or learning centre for those with kiddies at home). If you’re struggling with the adjustment, here are a few tips to help optimize your work environment and productivity:

  1. Have a dedicated work space: Do not work from the bed. Do not work from the couch. Do not work from the futon. In fact, let’s just say don’t work anywhere that lets you recline if you can help it. Some great options are the kitchen dining table, the vanity in your bedroom or even a coffee table. The point here is to clearly define the part of your house where work happens. That makes it more likely that you’ll actually get things done when you’re there, but just as importantly might help you disconnect when you’re not working.
  2. Ergonomics: To keep you working more productively and prevent repetitive injuries, ensure there’s adequate space under your table for legs, and that the table is height-appropriate for the tasks. Also think about lighting, as there should be no glare or distracting reflections – all the natural light you can get, the better!
  3. Diffuse essential oils or light a candle: This is super simple, but creating a calm and pleasant atmosphere is key to making you feel comfortable in your surroundings. If you feel happy with your setup, you’re more likely to be able to concentrate on your work instead of feeling off-kilter.
  4. Surround yourself with things that inspire you:  If the surrounding views feel a little bleak, an easy way to switch up your decor to create an at-home working vibe is to simply put up some pictures or quotes that inspire you. Adding plants or greenery is another great way to add life to a space, as well as bring the outdoors in.
  5. Make your to-do list visible: make your to-do list as colourful, eye-catching and exciting as possible and keep it somewhere you can see it so you continue to feel motivated and in-control.

Most importantly, take breaks! Go outside and get some fresh air, take the dog for a walk, or face-time with your loved ones – it’s important to disconnect and take time to yourself to promote your mental, emotional and physical well-being.