Vancouver Dining: New #onRobson

It’s an exciting start to the new year for all us foodies #onRobson. With more dining options opening, from quick grabs to sweet treats, keep reading to see what you need to add to your 2o2o must eat/drink list!

JenJudan – 1210 Robson Street
JenJudan opened their doors this fall – serving their specialty Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea – a blend of fresh milk, brown sugar syrup and tapioca pearls. Next time you’re in there be sure to watch the process of the tapioca pearls being cooked up.

Subway – 820 Thurlow Street
Newly opened Subway is the perfect spot to grab a bite on the go for your next lunch hour or shopping spree #onRobson.

One Pot – 1234 Robson Street
One Pot is the perfect spot to cozy up on a cold, rainy day in Vancouver and enjoy traditional hot pot. Enjoy this experience with a group of friends and cook an array of ingredients—thinly sliced meats, mushrooms, vegetable, fresh noodles, and more—in a single pot of simmering, seasoned broth.

ShareTea – 1274 Robson Street
Another bubble tea hot spot is now open #onRobson. Known for their to-go black tea and pearl milk tea, Sharetea is a popular bubble tea chain originating in Taiwan, with 500 stores around the world.

Kosoo Korean Restaurant – 1128 Robson Street
Kosoo Korean Restaurant is now open #onRobson, serving up an impressive selection of Korean chicken, BBQ, and fusion dishes. Be sure to check out this new eatery on the second floor of 1128 Robson Street for your next dinner outing.

Coming Soon:

Feng Cha TeaHouse – 1172 Robson Street
Feng Cha blends tea’s natural and harmonious spirit with a modern and healthy concept, to create a new style of cafe that offers relaxing store atmosphere and healthy food and drinks. 

Uncle Tetsu – 1151 Robson Street
If you’re a dessert person you’re probably also a cheesecake person. A sweet treat like no other, cheesecake is decadent and indulgent. But no cheesecake can compare to the very special and unique recipe from Uncle Tetsu, a Japanese cheesecake company that has been making their own version of cheesecake for 25-years and is opening soon #onRobson. We can’t wait to check it out and indulge! 

If you stop by one of these places, share a picture with us on social and tag us, @robsonstreet & #onRobson!