Vancouver Streets: Parklets #onRobson

Sit, back, relax, and watch the world go by on one of Robson Street’s 4 new parklets!

Urban Pasture Upgrade
The Urban Pasture in front of Cafe Crepe (1032 Robson Street) has received a beautiful upgrade, with new plants and seating – its a perfect little oasis for a shopping break!

PC: @somekidfromthe6 & @perryaasman

Saje Parklet
Grab a coffee and take a seat on the newly opened parklet in front of Saje Wellness (1091 Robson Street). This public parklet is the perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee or catch some sun in the afternoon.

PC: @somekidfromthe6 & @perryaasman

Cactus Club Parklet
Cactus Club Cafe has extended their patio into a parklet, so the next time you feel like enjoying a drink or dining at Cactus, be sure to ask for a seat on their parklet!

D’oro Gelato Parklet
Grab an ice cream from D’oro Gelato e Caffe and head out to the newly opened parklet out front – the perfect perch to enjoy your sweet treat at.

The next time you visit one of these parklets, be sure to snap a pic and tag us, #onRobson & @robsonstreet!