Vancouver Dining: Foodie Tour #onRobson

We all know Robson Street is a shopping mecca, but it is also a diner’s dream. From celebrated eateries, to international flavours, to sweet and savoury, and to all the hidden gems in between, we’ve partnered with six of Vancouver’s favourite Instagram foodies to take us on a mouth-watering tour of their go-to spots #onRobson. We’ll spare you the details and instead provide a feast for your eyes. Don’t believe us or our trusty foodies? Hit up some of the spots yourself this summer and indulge…with a side of shopping of course! Grab it to go, sit back and relax or take in a patio with the best people-watching views…we have it all #onRobson. Don’t forget to tag #robsonstreet on your culinary adventures; we love seeing and sharing your photos.

Let the belly gurgles and cravings begin!




LEFT TO RIGHT: Happy Lemon, Damso


LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe Fortes, Laduree, Zefferellis