Coffee Break #onRobson

Vancouver’s coffee culture has grown immensely over the last 5 years with a boutique coffee shop on almost every block and Robson Street has been no exception. With being one of Vancouver’s main shopping districts, it’s a no-brainer that we’re equipped with some of your favorite selections of coffee. We drink coffee to wake up, meet for work and with friends and end the weekends with a night cap. Coffee warms us, it fuels us and frankly we can’t do Mondays without it!

We’re breaking down our top 5 coffee stops #onRobson and introducing you to new fun and delicious flavours.

1201 Robson Street

Recently voted as the #2 spot for the Best Coffee Shop, Local Chains in Vancouver via the Georgia Straight’s #BestOfVan Awards, Blenz offers your favourite blends year round with must-try seasonal flavours. Did you know they have a secret menu? Check out their 8 top secret menu choices HERE.

What are we drinking? Pumpkin Pie Caramel Macchiato


1141 Robson Street

Enjoy a little bit of Paris in every cup! Laduree offers you a luxurious Parisian experience in the heart of downtown Vancouver with classic espresso and more.

What are we drinking? Cappuccinos Sur place. (A Cappuccino, for here!)


Breka Bakery
818 Bute Street

Voted top bakery of 2016, you won’t be able to stop for just a coffee! With a wide selection of delectable sweet and savory baked goods, you’ll find the perfect pairing to your Americano. Breka Bakery’s signature flavours are so original that they will instantly be added to your must try list. For a complete list, click HERE.

What are we drinking? Hedgehog Mocha!


Cafe Crepe
1032 Robson Street

With a delicious selection of crepes and premium coffee, Cafe Crepe is nestled in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Cafe Crepe proudly serves one of the leading Italian espressos, Lavazza Espresso and Lavazza Super Crema.

What are we drinking? Cafe Nutella Latte.


Image via Vancouver Foodie.

1223 Robson St

Your Abode away from home is right #onRobson and Bute inside the Blue Horizon Hotel. With a classic brunch menu to crush on, your classic coffee choices will be the perfect pairing.

What are we drinking? Mocha, Latte, we’ll take them all!


Images via Google.