Vancouver Events: Hello Spring Break! Top Seven Things to Do in Downtown Vancouver

Ah, Spring Break…what we all need right now. A break from work, school, the monotonous routine and if possible, a pause from all things COVID! It’s been a looong year and the winter months have proven challenging, but at long last, a new season is upon us and there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. A pause is just what we need at this very moment to get us through the next few months, to the post-pandemic place Dr. Henry believes we’ll be in by this summer.

While many of us would typically be making travel plans at this time, unfortunately, we need to keep the wanderlust in our back pocket until 2022 and beyond. So then…what can we expect to do with ourselves or our families during this time? Well, while jet-setting and road-tripping are not in the cards, we do have a beautiful backyard of our own that is very much worth exploring. We’ve put together a list of safe and fun alternatives #onRobson (and beyond) to give you some ideas and inspiration.

Retail Therapy

If you love outdoor shopping as much as we do (ok, we’re biased, we know), you should definitely schedule in some retail therapy for yourself and get your closet spring-ready! It’s amazing how a new lipstick or pair of pumps, coupled with fresh air, can really elevate your mood. From international flagship brands to local hidden gems, Robson Street has everything you’re looking for and plenty of things you didn’t know you needed.

Be a Foodie

If you’re tired of take-out or cooking at home, switch up the routine and dine-in for a refreshing change. Enjoy an old favourite or discover a new eatery – there have been a few new and notable openings #onRobson, including Hello Nori and Chicko Chicken, with PAUL Bakery set to open in April. Robson Street is full of international flavour – from west coast, Italian, French, Indian to Asian – there are plenty of options to please any palate. Become a foodie for a day #onRobson, we definitely suggest an afternoon high tea at Laduree, which just launched a kids menu, happy hour on a patio (if weather permits) and hand rolls and locally brewed sake at Hello Nori.

Mural Hunting

Enjoy a stroll downtown with the family and explore the incredible artwork in the neighbourhood. There are six murals to be found #onRobson, four of which were created in partnership with Vancouver Mural Festival and local artists, each with their own unique style and story. Spot them all before heading to Eihu Lane between Burrard and Bute to discover Canvas Corridor, a collection of 45 doorways transformed by art. Download the Vancouver Mural Festival app and learn more about these and other neighbourhood murals.

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Public Art Scavenger Hunt

While downtown, plan a fun public art scavenger hunt with the kids. There are many diverse pieces to discover and learn about, which feature emerging and established artists working in new and traditional media. The Burrard Corridor Walk follows Hornby and Burrard Streets to the Vancouver Art Gallery and returns via Georgia and Bute streets, but be sure to look for more artwork at the Convention Centre. Enjoy the public art along the way, as well as the fresh air and exercise!

Ride the City

Since the pandemic, bike riding has become a popular recreational activity, so get those feet pedalling and explore the city during Spring Break. Discover the tree-lined streets of the beautiful West End or take in the water views along the seawall. Enjoy a picnic along the way at Stanley Park or at one of the many public spaces and parks downtown. If you don’t have your own cruiser, not to worry, there are plenty of bike rental shops to be found downtown or hop on a Mobi bike – we have a convenient station #onRobson at Bute Robson Plaza. Happy riding!

Check out the Cherry Blossoms

Nothing is more synonymous with the arrival of spring than cherry blossom season. Each year, Vancouver sees about 40,000 cherry blossom and plum trees bloom across the city in three waves with pink or white flowers. The first wave of cherry blossoms come from plum trees blossoming with Whitcomb flowers, which can better tolerate the cold and they are already visible within the West End. This gorgeous spring phenomenon is fleeting, but is a spectacle worthy of your time. Bute Robson Plaza is home to a few cherry blossom trees and you can find the neighbourhood maps highlighting all of the locations around the city. Grab your camera, a coffee and be tickled pink!

Plan a Staycation

Never has there been a better time to stay local and rediscover the West End. Surrounded by nature and bustling downtown Vancouver, it’s the perfect quick getaway, close to home! Stay at the boutique Blue Horizon Hotel, steps from premier shopping and celebrated eateries and soak up the breathtaking city, mountain or water views from your private balcony after a full day of exploration. A glass of wine is highly recommended.

Whatever you do this Spring Break, we hope you take some time to relax, recharge and enjoy the special moments with your family. In just a few short months, the pandemic (fingers crossed) may finally be behind us, so let’s do our part now, so we can be together later.