Vancouver Beauty: Festival Season Makeup Inspo

Though the excitement over vacations like Spring Break have dwindled down, we’re making plans for another, non-beach-related escape thanks to the arrival of festival season.

Whether you’ll be bobbing mid-crowd at Coachella this weekend or preparing for the arrival of FVDED in the Park – NYX Cosmetics has the products you need to create standout beauty looks that are an essential part of the festival vibe.

From statement glitter lips to face pearls, there’s something unique for everyone in the crowd. And the best part is that you can put your personal twist on it.

It’s all fun and glam with NYX’s all-new Foil Play Pigment Palette. From mixed metals to gem tones, each vibrant set is filled with six crazy-pearly colours that are creamy to the touch. Blending or building these rich metallics to create an intensely foiled eye, face or body art is a breeze. Mix and match tones from either palette (or both!) to customize your look.

Glittery lips are a must this festival season, use NYX’s Glitter Goals Liquid Lipstick to achieve the look with just one product! Swipe on the smooth shade you can’t get enough of and let it set. Then simply smack your lips together to spark the twinkly twist. (Yep, it’s super-duper easy!) The dazzling effect might just inspire you to go for a glitter lip every single day, beyond festival season.

Head on over to NYX Cosmetics #onRobson (1092 Robson St.) to create your own festival vibes this weekend! Be sure to share your looks with us by tagging us in your photos, @robsonstreet & #onRobson.