Vancouver Shopping: OVO Opens #onRobson

October’s Very Own, a clothing label founded by Canadian rapper Drake and his tour manager Oliver El-Khatib, has opened it’s very first Western Canada store #onRobson.

Located at 1044 Robson Street, OVO offers a range of unisex streetwear, which includes coats, T-shirts, and accessories like caps and toques. Founded in 2011, the brand is known for its collaborations with established names like Roots, Jordan Brand, and Canada Goose.

Not only did the opening of the stores have fans excited, but as well the new location was selling a limited edition collection that was only available at OVO #onRobson. The exclusive collaboration for OVO is with Takashi Murakami who is a Japanese artist that works in fine arts and commercial media. Murakami and OVO have blended the brand’s iconic owl design with Murakami’s well known artistic flare.

For those who are unaware, clothing is just one facet of Drake’s massive OVO brand. Once a small blog about the rapper’s crew, OVO now functions as a major lifestyle brand, one that includes Drake’s clothing company, his record label OVOSOUND and his annual OVOFEST.

Be sure to check out OVO #onRobson.

Photos provided by: OVO