How to DIY the perfect holiday centrepiece

The holidays are all about family, friends and festive gatherings, not to mention indulging in good food and drink. We’re all about the ‘Eat, Drink and Be Merry’ mantra and absolutely love this time of year #onRobson! And so to spread a little good cheer, we co-hosted a Holiday Centrepiece DIY Workshop with CB2 and Vancouver florist, Blossom and Vine Floral Co. with a great group of ladies.

What better way to spruce up your home for the holidays than by creating your own DIY projects with friends and family! A centrepiece is the perfection festive addition and the natural greens add that Christmas-y scent to your surroundings. CB2 stocks a variety of modern vases to use, but decorative bowls also make a great option for floral bouquets. We used a small antique brass bowl to create a low sitting centrepiece…that way it doesn’t block anyone sitting around the table.

Below is a list of what you’ll need to make your very own centrepiece at home with step-by-step instructions.


Douglas Fir, Carolina Sapphire, Eucalyptus Pods, Juniper


Hydrangeas, Roses, Garden Roses, Lunaria, Phlox, Mums, Heirloom Carnations


Flower cutters, gloves, vase/bowl, floral foam block, tape


  1. Place foam block in the vase and overlay a piece of tape across the block, to ensure the arrangement will not tip over.
  2. Place greenery around the border of the foam block, creating a “collar” for the arrangement. Be sure to cut them on the angle and place them in the natural direction they fall, grouping similar foliage together.
  3. Prep florals:
    • Roses: Fluff the rose, by holding the rose upside down by the stem down between your two hands and rub them back and forth.
    • Heirloom Carnations: Squeeze the bulb of the flower between your thumb and index finger.
    • Hydrangeas: Use your hands to push open the flower. (tip: hydrangeas wilt quickly, so spray with water and this will help them come back to life)
  4. Cut florals to varying levels of height.
  5. Begin by placing the carnations near the lower points of the arrangement to cover the foam block.
  6. Include hydrangea or larger bloom as the focal point of the arrangement.
  7. Place roses at varying heights all throughout the arrangement.
  8. Add additional greenery to fill in any blank spaces.

Ta-da! You’ve now DIY-ed a perfect centrepiece for when you host your next holiday party!

Be sure to add half a cup of water to the arrangement every day, so you can enjoy your arrangement for up to 5-7 days.

Happy Holidays!