Vancouver Events: PARK(ing) Day #onRobson

On Friday, September 21st from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., the Robson Street Business Association (RSBA), in partnership with the City of Vancouver, is hosting PARK(ing) Day on Robson Street. Initiated in 2005 by Rebar Group Inc. in San Francisco, PARK(ing) Day was a way to explore the possibilities of reactivating metered parking space into a site for creative experimentation, political and cultural expression, and unscripted social interaction. PARK(ing) Day has since evolved into an international annual event where community members create their own one-day pop-up parklets in on-street parking spots. 
Several groups, including Vancouver Public Space Network, City Hive, Vancouver Design Nerds, VIVA Vancouver and UBC SALA Students, will be participating to create a total of nine parklets along Robson Street for the day. There will be two between Burrard and Thurlow, five between Thurlow and Bute and two between Bute and Jervis.
Each parklet will incorporate a sense of creativity and fun, along with spaces to gather, lounge and play. Make sure to stop by next Friday and check out PARK(ing) Day #onRobson.