Vancouver Dining: Laurence & Chico Cafe opens #onRobson

Beyond the doors of the newly opened Laurence & Chico Cafe #onRobson, is a whimsical, bold space reminiscent of a fantastically whacky Alice in Wonderland tea party. From the intricate floor tiles to the colourful, shaggy ‘Monster’ chairs to the rubber ducky adorned washroom ceiling, every square inch of the 2,000 square foot space has been meticulously curated. Designed and created by the fashion duo of Laurence Li and Chico Wang, the pair have taken their eccentric women’s wear brand and applied it in a cafe concept. The worlds of fashion and food fuse with unique textiles, bold wall coverings and decadent treats such as pistachio eclairs, lemon meringue tarts, and strawberry cream puffs.

The cafe features a grab-and-go counter for coffee, tea, and pastries and there will be an afternoon tea service available soon. Laurence & Chico has its own pastry chef, but has also collaborated locally with the likes of 49th Parallel, La Glace, Up Jus, Temper Pastry and Rabbits Foot to enhance its culinary offerings.

While the Laurence & Chico fashion line may be out of reach for many, there is a selection of products available for sale, such as cell phone cases, t-shirts, scarves and books. Pick one up and you too can be part of the Laurence & Chico brand, culture and story or enjoy one of their intricate confections without having to purchase one of their statement couture pieces seen on the New York and Paris Fashion Week runways.

Make sure to stop by Laurence & Chico Cafe this summer located at 833 Bute Street. Open 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.