Vancouver Dining: Perverted Ice Cream Opens #onRobson

Just in time for summer, Vancouver’s newest ice cream concept has opened up #onRobson and is putting a cheeky twist on the conventional cool confection. Located at 797 Thurlow in the former Cupcakes space, Perverted Ice Cream is serving up one-of-a-kind gourmet soft serve in tantalizing flavours such as Brand Spanking (cream and chocolate swirl soft serve, with Perverted crumble, black chocolate shell, gold leaf, and a black chocolate wafer), Cocoa Dependency (chocolate soft serve with rich chocolate sauce, cocoa, shaved milk chocolate, salted chocolate square), Beg For S’more (chocolate soft serve, perverted cocoa, chocolate sauce, graham cracker cookie, toasted marshmallow) and Misfit (cream soft serve with matcha white chocolate pizzaz, pink roxy dust, salt & vinegar crumble, black chocolate drizzle), sure to leave you craving for more.

You can expect a unique and extensive flavour offering from Perverted, though do not expect any vanilla ice cream, because there is “nothing vanilla” about Perverted. While your mind may be swirling with all kinds of dirty thoughts, be sure that the ice cream itself is made from all natural ingredients, including the homemade waffle cones.

The ambiance and aesthetic of Perverted, mixed with their tongue in cheek branding will have you blushing in no time, so cool yourself off with a tasty treat. Be sure to check out Perverted when #onRobson this summer…open 11 am ‘til late.

And remember, Perverted is only as perverted as you are.