Cherry Blossom Season #onRobson

After a long and cold winter, we’re feeling enthusiastic about the arrival of spring, which in this city is synonymous with cherry blossom season. Each spring, Vancouver sees about 40,000 cherry blossom and plum trees bloom in three waves with pink or white flowers. The first wave of cherry blossoms come from plum trees blossoming with Whitcomb flowers and can better tolerate the cold. The second wave of blossoms includes the well-adapted Akebono trees and bloom from the beginning of April to mid-April and the third wave of blossoms are made up of Kwanzan flowers and usually bloom near the end of April.

Image by Allison Kuhl of Robson and Bute, currently the location of Bute-Robson Plaza

This gorgeous spring phenomenon is fleeting, but luckily for us there are cherry blossoms #onRobson and other nearby spots in the neighbourhood to admire. The cherry blossom trees along Bute are already in bloom and Bute-Robson Plaza is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the pink flowers with friends. Meanwhile, the Akebono cherry blossom trees found at Burrard Sky Train station are beginning to bud, and soon the whole area will be covered in a canopy of beautiful pastel pink blossoms — truly one of the most iconic cherry blossom spots in the city.

For the very enthused, don’t miss Vancouver’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival, happening throughout the city from April 3rd-29th.

Image by Jessica Tremblay

Image by Jason Statler of Burrard Station

Image by Randa Salloum

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