Five Ways to Enjoy Valentines Day #onRobson

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and whether it’s your favourite day of the year, most dreaded day or just another day, we totally get it! And while most of us fall into the latter categories, this year we’re proposing we all ditch our negativity in favour of embracing the simple charms of Valentine’s, a day that’s really meant to do more good than harm.

Five ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day #onRobson:

1. Celebrate the women in your life. We’re all about Galentines Day because all moms, sisters, best friends and favourite co-workers deserve a little unexpected TLC. Pick up the phone, send a sweet note, delight with a kind gesture to make the women around you feel acknowledged and loved.

2. Indulge in the classic cliche of chocolates. If there’s a day dedicated to consuming chocolate then so be it.  And if you’re going to do it, do it well. We suggest visiting Daniel Le Chocolat Belge and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory #onRobson to make creative chocolate giving easy peasy.

3. Colour us pink and don’t hold back on the sparkles. In a city that’s 50 shades of grey most of the year, we welcome the sweet pinks and bold reds to actually spice things up.

4. Declare your undying love! If you have a confession for a cutie, we strongly encourage you to spill the beans. We even went ahead and made it a little easier for you. We placed two #Vancupid mailboxes along Robson Street (one located in front of Plenty, and another at Urban Pasture) filled to the brim with blank Valentine cards for you to take and give to your crush. It’s a throwback to elementary school ways because expressing love never gets old.

5. Something sweet for someone sweet. If chocolate is not your thing, then may we suggest a selection of other delectable desserts, such as macarons from Laduree, eclairs from L’Eclair de Genie, cupcakes from Cupcakes & Other Good Stuff, or a gelato cake from D’oro Gelato e Caffè to satisfy your sweetheart’s sweet tooth.

So get out there, spread the good-loving because giving is always better than receiving and if you spoil the ones you love, you’re the one to get lucky in the end. Happy Valentines, everyone!