Vancouver lifestyle: Winter #onRobson featuring Janelle Saccucci

Vancouver is quickly becoming known for its distinct coffee culture, diverse food scene, and a growing wellness sector. Not surprisingly, behind each of these industries, are a troupe of talented individuals steering these categories into innovative new spaces and creative directions. For the month of January, Robson Street will profile an awesome individual within each of these realms. Stay tuned each week to learn who they are, what they do and the role Robson Street plays in their lives.

First up, we introduce to you, Janelle Saccucci. As Marketing Director of Blenz Coffee, Janelle is responsible for every consumer touch point you come across at Blenz. From their active online presence, to flavour development, to seasonal cup designs, she is involved with a-latte (haha, see what we did there?). Aside from being a marketing guru and of course, coffee aficionado, Janelle is a West End resident, lifestyle blogger, frequent shopper at Club Monaco and absolutely adores the colour pink and flamingos, which also happen to be pink!

Watch our video with Janelle to learn why Blenz #onRobson holds a special place in her heart.


Video and photos by Jonathan Spooner.