MUJI Flagship #onRobson Opening this December

This December 2nd, join us in welcoming MUJI’s largest store outside of Asia. Located at 1125 Robson Street, the much-anticipated flagship store will boast impressive architecture with over 14,500 square feet of retail space, carrying more than 4,500 products, including household goods, stationery, apparel and food. It will also feature a brand-new store concept and many products and services never seen before in Canada.  Here’s a glimpse at  what you have to look forward to:

“Labo” stands for laboratory and the purpose of the MUJI Labo line is to experiment with new styles, materials and manufacturing processes. What MUJI Labo learns through product development eventually becomes standard apparel in MUJI stores, reflecting the practical design and conscientious materials that consider both the producer and the environment. MUJI Labo collection is only available in select MUJI flagship stores around the world.

MUJI Coffee Counter
MUJI Canada partnered with locally based Ethical Bean Coffee, a leading supplier of 100% fairtrade certified, organic coffee. Ethical Bean Coffee is committed to social responsibility, global awareness, and environmental accountability. The coffee counter at MUJI Robson Street will serve simple and affordable coffee by the cup.

MUJI YOURSELF is a customization service including embroidery, stamps, gift wrapping and label printing. MUJI Robson Street will offer label printing for the first time, and a vast selection of labels and personalization options will allow customers to customize various MUJI products such as stationery, storage, furniture, etc.

Aroma Bar
The Aroma Bar will allow customers to create a customized fragrance blend by choosing from more than 40 essential oils. In addition to regular MUJI essential oils, customers will have many more options to further personalize their home with unique scents.

True to their brand, MUJI #onRobson aims to foster community and enhance customer lifestyle through their store experience and offerings. Needless to say, we are beyond excited for this incredible addition to Robson Street.