Halloween Makeup Lessons at NYX Professional Makeup #onRobson

What better excuse is there to play big tricks with makeup, then on Halloween? Afterall, makeup is a powerful tool that can transform any beauty to a beast (or the other way around). If applying makeup is not your forte, then leave it to the professionals to help you master the art of Halloween makeup. Until the end of October, NYX Professional Makeup #onRobson is offering one-on-one makeup lessons, and private appointments with their fabulous artists to get you spooktacular for the big day.

How it works: 
1. Choose from NYX’s 6 trending Hallowing Makeup looks:
Mermaid Chic
Wicked Clown
Skeleton Queen
Doll Face
Superhero Beauty
Vamp Goals

2. Call NYX Professional Makeup (604.678.6322), located at 1092 Robson Street to book your appointment with a makeup artist. Each lesson lasts 30 minutes long for a $30 fee. Or if you have a custom look you want to achieve, book a 60-minute lesson for a $60 fee.

Whatever look you go for, it’s always a TREAT to get your makeup done. Have a happy and safe Halloween, everyone!