Holiday Hair #onRobson

With holiday parties in full swing we know that getting ready isn’t only about the outfit but also the hair! Holiday hair doesn’t need to be as decked out as the halls so we’ve taken your everyday styles and gave them a little ‘twist’!

We’ve teamed up with Civello Salon #onRobson Street, formerly Aveda Tonic, for 3 easy hair styles for any length.

Holiday Hair Style For Long Hair


Get the look:

  1. Round brush blowdry smooth
  2. Sectioned into four sectons (hot cross bun)
  3. 2 inch sections to curl with 1 inch curl iron (or flat iron) in opposite directions
  4. French braided one side of the fringe area

Items used to achieve this look:

  • Pure abundance shampoo and conditioner
  • Pure abundance style prep
  • Smooth infusion nourishing styling crème
  • Pure abundance hair potion
  • Control force hairspray

Holiday Hair Style Up-Do For Short Hair


Get the look:

  1. Paddle dried hair
  2. Curled with a 1 ½ iron hair spraying each section with air control before curling.
  3. 4 sections
  4. Side ponytail with bottom nape of neck section, braided and pinned into a base for the rest of the sections to be pinned to.

Items used to achieve this look:

  • Invati system
  • Damage remedy daily hair repair
  • Phomollient
  • Air Control
  • Brilliant spray on shine

Holiday Hair Style For Medium Hair


Get the look:

  1. Wrap blowdry with Aveda Paddle brush to smooth out the hair
  2. 1” Fixx Rx Pro sessions flat iron to add loose waves diagonal sections
  3. Used fingers to separate waves
  4. Puff dry shampoo into roots and ends and scrunch hair for more definition
  5. Spray with Air control hair spray for

Items used to achieve this look:

  • Smooth infusion shampoo and conditioner
  • Smooth infusion style prep smoother
  • Confixor liquid gel
  • Phomollient styling foam
  • Shampure Dry shampoo
  • Air Control hair spray

To book your own appointment for holiday hair with Civello Salon #onRobson & Bute, call (604) 689-5484.