Spring #onRobson: Self-Motivated Sophistication

When it comes to setting the tone for the day, Jessica Luxe says you have to start with a productive morning. For this driven style blogger, a solid morning routine helps her to balance school, a career, her relationship and her health. When 6:30am rolls around, Jessica has rolled herself out of bed, grabbed her toast and is on her way to the gym. Making time to break a sweat in the morning helps her to feel energized so she is fully-fueled to navigate her busy schedule for the rest of the day – that?s what she calls ?setting the?tone?


Exercising with the equipment at the gym, just a few blocks from her apartment, she clears her head of any grogginess that would otherwise slow her down. The thing is, it?s easy to talk about hitting the gym and living a healthy life, but staying motivated is a whole different story. ?I think about the person I want to be – and that really gets me up. If I sleep in, I might sleep in tomorrow and the next day, but if I get up today I?m one step closer to the health I want to have, the body I want to have and maintaining it.?


Physical exercise is just one part of the puzzle. ?Reading, for me, is like exercising your brain. Reading books works your imagination, and it helps me to learn something new or to gain a new perspective ? and that?s just as important,? explains Jessica. Staying motivated is a matter of making some healthy routines for yourself. The best version of you is an ongoing project, make some time for it.


Stay tuned for our next blog with Jessica #onRobson, and find out how she rebelled to find her own style…

Pieces in this blog?? White tank: Gap Fit Collection ? Black leggings: Gap Fit Collection ? Printed sports bra ? Gap Fit Collection ?Runners: Footlocker ? Blue button up shirt: Burberry ? Red skirt: Used House of Vintage ? Booties: Vintage ? Stripped clutch: Winners ?