Spring #onRobson: Fashion Rebel

Rules are made to be broken, and many stylish women who stand out are generally those who dared to bend the rules and make way for their own ideal of how they want to look. I mean, we?re still thinking about Lady Gaga?s meat dress but we don?t recommend going that far. Having two conservative parents has played a large part in Jessica Luxe’s travels down the route of fashion experimentation.When Jessica’s mom told her, ?You can?t wear prints with prints,? she made her way to her closet and began to experiment with mixing with just that. So maybe her major influence was all those voices telling her what she shouldn?t do, and daring to do them anyway. Fashion rules be damned!


Rather than just going with the trends, she likes to do things her way, and defies the common guidelines that have been ruling our closets for far too long. ?I have to ask myself ?what do I like? What do I want to wear?? I have to wear what feels right for me.? When it comes to style ? Jessica knows the only person?s opinion that matters is her own.


And the perfect playground to cruise for something completely unique is vintage and thrift shops. Just up the stairs #onRobson at Used House of Vintage, Jessica hunts for vintage gems to mix with some of her more modern staples. With decades of style at her fingertips, she?s putting a fresh spin on clothing – some of it old enough to have been her mother?s. It?s a goldmine for one of a kind pieces that stem from classic to zany ? depending on your?preference.


Jessica?s advice for women looking to up their style game: ?Never leave the house if you don?t feel comfortable. A lot of people forget that their style?is about them, it?s not about what other people think you should be wearing, it?s about what you feel your best in.? So rebel and consider breaking some fashion rules. As long as you feel great in what you?re wearing, that will shine through in how you carry yourself ? and the world will take notice.

Pieces in this blog???Lace top: Zara ? White vest: Guess?? Black Clutch: Used House of Vintage? ?Black Pants: Gap ? Bracelets: Banana Republic ? Red skirt: Used House of Vintage ?