Spring #onRobson: Tips & Tricks to Affording Your First Luxury Item

There is rarely a woman without?a fashion vice. Some of us note shoes, others jewellery, but there is one woman we all know: the bag addict. ?I really like bags, admitting you have a problem is the first step because I?ve got it bad. I love highs and lows when it comes to fashion but secretly, I?m just justifying the lower price items so I can save up for a bag,? explains Kathy Liu, co-owner of @IsntItDarling. These high-price investment pieces are coveted status symbols, but justifying such a major purchase is not to be taken lightly.

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Being a newly-wed living in notoriously expensive Vancouver, Kathy is faced with a number of expenses to balance and account for – investing in a new purse is not something she does on a whim. She treats herself to celebrate important milestones in her life. After landing her first full-time adult job or receiving an exciting promotion at work, she felt there was a good opportunity to indulge. ?Women work hard for their own money, they need to give themselves permission to love and treat themselves,? she says.


Kathy?s obsession with bags isn?t going anywhere, but she?s wise enough to know how to do it without bruising her bank account. She?ll happily cruise the sale racks so she can save up for those special ?treat yourself? moments. And Kathy?s high and low philosophy hasn?t compromised her style. She plays with her budget, so her new purse may be paired with a $15.99 t-shirt – but when you love something, you find ways to make it work.

Classic pieces are an investment, but they?re equally timeless and will never go out of style. A big purchase might make women feel a little wobbly at the knees, but it’s necessary to learn to give ourselves permission to celebrate our achievements. It?s all a matter of budgeting and experimenting with a high and low philosophy.


When?s your next milestone – maybe we should celebrate? Stay tuned for our next blog on how Kathy went from awkward teen to style influencer #onRobson.

Pieces in this blog?? Leather jacket: Zara ? ?Silk kimono: Aritzia ? Tank top: Aritzia?? Jeans: Aritzia ? Shoes: Zara ? Black hat: Forever 21?? Bag:?Chanel ?