Spring #onRobson: Remember to Love Yourself

As a bonafide digital influencer and half of the creative force behind @IsntItDarling, Kathy Liu seems to ooze style and confidence. But behind every woman is a story. Finding yourself – whether professionally or in style – is a journey. ?I was definitely a shy girl in my teen years, I just wanted to blend in,? she says. She was taller than the rest of her girlfriends and often felt like she stood out in an uncomfortable way. In those teen years, it felt safer to go unseen than to boldly stand out.


It was a matter of growing into her own skin and becoming accepting of her long and lean frame. ?In my later teen years, I started to understand my body better. I didn?t want to hide anymore, I wanted fashion to be fun and for it to be a reflection of me ? and I wanted to be okay with that.? As Kathy eased into comfort and confidence, the doors to experiment with fashion started to creak open.


Now, Kathy?s approach to fashion is about being more open to what works for her body, ?You have to take the opportunity to try different things to compliment your body ? you don?t know if you don?t try it on.? It?s easy to get swept up in the things we know are foolproof for our bodies, but then it becomes just as easy to get stuck in a box. Style should be fun, and it?s always in our best interest not to take ourselves too seriously.

Kathy has benefited from going with the flow and allowing her to try new things and not get too carried away by defining herself as one thing or labelled under one style. One day, she?ll be in a long bohemian dress and leather jacket, the next she might be in a structured blazer and high-waisted pants ? it?s all dependent on her mood.


This May, we?re hanging out with @JessicaLuxe #onRobson! Stay tuned, guys!

Pieces in this blog?? Leather jacket: Zara ? ?Orange blouse: Zara ? Blue skirt: Asos ? Bag: Alexander Wang ? Shoes: Zara ?