Spring #onRobson: Kathy Liu

One of Kathy?s first memories of Robson Street is her Aunt taking her shopping alongside her girlfriends when she was nine years old. To Kathy, they seemed so put together ? they were independent women with covet-worthy style. As she observed her aunt?s friends reflecting their personalities through fashion ? she was overcome with a thirst to get older, and grow into one of the stylish women who inspired her #onRobson. Twenty-one years later, Kathy?s style story has come full circle. She?s transformed into an young professional, working full-time in Public Relations and is a co-founder and contributor to the fashion driven Instagram account, @isntitdarling.

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Being half the dream team behind @IsntItDarling, (which Kathy curates with her best gal pal, Naomi) began as a fun project that would feed their mutual passion for style, and act as a memory bank of their friendship. Having both majored in Communications, their shared love of fashion and writing were a perfect pairing.?Kathy?s journey to crush her style aspirations has enabled her to create a platform to share her love of fashion and all things ? well ? darling.

?I?ve always felt that Robson was just this great place to go shopping ? its fun, its outdoors and it has been a place of great bonding experience between my Aunt and I.? Between blogging and her busy work schedule, Kathy still makes time to shop, drawn to the beautiful shops and flagship stores that line Robson Street. And you may be able to catch her before meeting up with her girlfriends for happy hour.


Stay tuned for our next blog with Kathy #onRobson, when we figure out the best time to say ?Treat Yo?Self!?

Pieces in this blog?? Powder blue jacket: Forever 21 ? ?Black leggings: lululemon ? Sneakers: Adidas ? Toque: Joe Fresh ? Grey hoodie: Uncivilised ?