Spring #onRobson: Social Etiquette

When you?re a digital influencer and a full-time blogger, social media savvy is just part of the game. When Alicia Winnett first enrolled in fashion school, she would have never imagined that combining her eye for style and her knack for all things social would wind up launching her career. Having first dipped her toes into Alicia Winnett Twitter in 2008, Alicia is now teaching young women about the power of social media and how to use it to strengthen their personal brands.

With the new generation of Millennial?s growing up alongside social media, with no point of reference to a world without it (we?ll refer to this as B.S.M. *before social media), understanding its strength is a worthy asset.

Spring #onRobson: Social Etiquette Spring #onRobson: Social EtiquetteSpring #onRobson: Social Etiquette

With online trials and tribulations of her own, Alicia has been sharing her social media skills with fashion students at Blanche MacDonald as a guest instructor – offering up some Social Media Etiquette 101. ?A lot of the younger generation doesn?t think of social media in a professional sense. Everyone always tells them ?watch what you?re posting,? but it?s treated more like play ? especially for those straight out of high school,? explains Alicia.

Perhaps it?s high time we examine what we?re putting forward online and be a little more thoughtful when it comes to curating our personal social media platforms. ?You?re an online brand. No matter what, future employers are always going to look into your social media ? I mean, why wouldn?t they??

Spring #onRobson: Social EtiquetteSpring #onRobson: Social Etiquette

When Alicia began blogging, the term ?digital influencer? hadn?t yet been invented – she had no way of knowing that social media, blogs and digital influencers were poised to become a large part of our lives. Her natural know-how for social media etiquette and viewing herself as a professional brand has earned her a big part in Vancouver?s style scene.

Spring #onRobson: Social Etiquette

Looking back, no one is more surprised than Alicia that her journey through social media and style has allowed her to live her passion. ?I just try to tell people to remember that what you put online is what represents you. Imagine you?re meeting someone new and they research you online, what would they see and what story are you telling?? Social Media is everywhere, but when you begin to use it as a tool and not just a plaything, there is a whole network out there seeing you in your best light. Who knows what opportunities might lie ahead?

Stay tuned for our next blog on how Alicia manages to make independence a beautiful thing #onRobson.


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