Spring #onRobson: Ms. Independent

Working for yourself is no simple journey, yet Alicia Winnett, editor of AliciaFashionista.com has managed to overcome the obstacles and make a life for herself as a full-time blogger and style influencer in Vancouver. She?s paving her own road to success and it’s a path she is excited about.??It is interesting taking on this career path as a blogger because it is so new. It leaves a lot of room to grow, try new things and be creative.?

But like all great careers, Alicia didn?t wake up to find herself doing what she loves serendipitously. Rather, her career as a full-time blogger has been a result of her ambition and the earned wisdom that has allowed her to turn her passion into a full-time gig. ?There?s so much more that goes into this than people realize. People see the final product, but they don?t really grasp the journey of how the artist got there.?

Spring #onRobson: Ms. IndependentSpring #onRobson: Ms. Independent

While a perk of being a blogger can mean working from home, it requires its fair share of self-discipline. ?At first, I was so good. I got dressed every morning, I was meal planning, I had three meals a day, no television until 6pm; but all those rules I?d made for myself eventually went away.? Netflix begins forever streaming in the background and there?s constant access to unadulterated snacking.

Spring #onRobson: Ms. Independent

After working out of her apartment for three years, her little living space was beginning to feel cramped. Now, she?s moved into a shared studio space alongside some other amazing creative women, Alicia gets the benefit of having co-workers to bounce ideas off of ? without having actual co-workers. Not to mention, having a space outside of her home – one part office, one part photo studio – gives her the opportunity to get out of her house, get dressed and expand her professional network.

AW-MI_3ESpring #onRobson: Ms. Independent

Yet, working for yourself means it?s a littler easier to break the rules and easily fall out of healthy routines. The challenge is being able to separate the time that is for work and that time that is solely for yourself. The lines can get blurry without a regimented schedule, but flexibility has it?s perks, and Alicia makes a point to slot in time for her health and fitness by dropping in for a yoga class or getting outside for a run.

It’s been a lengthy ride for Alicia to get to where she is now, but every facet of her journey has played a part in allowing her to become the independent woman she is now. From fashion school, to the trials and tribulations of working at home and every opportunity in between ? Alicia has worked for her independence and we can?t wait to see what she has in store for us next.

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