Spring #onRobson: Alicia Winnett

Alicia Winnett has never been a stranger to great style. She has been immersed in the local style scene for the past 9 years, stemming from her early days in fashion school to now working as a full-time blogger and digital influencer under her alias Alicia Fashionista. Now, living in Mount Pleasant, this chic newlywed has quickly become one of our favourite young women exploring style and culture #onRobson.

?When I go to other cities like London or New York, people are wearing so much colour, the women are wearing high heels ? it?s all very shocking,? explains Alicia. Vancouver is synonymous with being laid back. Whether it?s our proximity to the ocean or the wilderness unfolding within our city limits, we?ve established a reputation for our comfort-first West Coast threads. You?re familiar with the Vancouver Girl Uniform: skinny jeans, cute sneakers and a cozy sweater. Alicia may still indulge in her Vancouver Girl Uniform once in a while, but adding a little extra fun has elevated her classic West Coast style.

Spring #onRobson: Alicia WinnettSpring #onRobson: Alicia Winnett Spring #onRobson: Alicia Winnett

Living in a city so dominated by a casual approach to fashion has its perks. When you incorporate unique elements into your outfit – a bold necklace or wide brim hat – those pops of fun will nary go unnoticed. ?When I wear something that?s more statement, it really does stand out. I wind up having strangers talk to me or compliment me because it seems so out of left field ? but it?s really just a hat.?

Alicia goes on to share, ?Part of the fun of fashion for me is getting to play dress up. Dressing casually is not something I like to do everyday because it?s not me. I don?t want to lose my dressier style ? but I?m glad Vancouver gives me that option.? On Robson Street, Alicia scours the floor of her favourite shops looking to find her next piece. Zara, Club Monaco, J Crew, Forever 21 and CB2 are always on her radar.

Spring #onRobson: Alicia Winnett Spring #onRobson: Alicia WinnettSpring #onRobson: Alicia Winnett Spring #onRobson: Alicia Winnett

No uniform can get in the way of Alicia showcasing her feminine style that?s all her own. There was a time when everyone dressed up, and the leagues of Ugg Boots and yoga pants would have raised eyebrows. The attitude towards style has changed over time, but it?s always in the back of Alicia?s mind. ?My greatest style influence was my Nana. She always dressed up, that woman never put a pair of pants on in her life ? it?s my inspiration. Even when I?m drawn to be a little more casual, I have an old soul.?

Stay tuned for our next blog with Alicia #onRobson, for some pro tips on the power of Social Media.


Pieces in this blog?? Black hat: Joe Fresh?? ?Khaki vest:?Graham and Spencer?? Black dress: Aritzia $145.00 ? Purse:?Venice Leather Market?? White scallop top: Top Shop?? Skirt: Club Monaco?$179.50 ? Blush suede heels:?Chinese Laundry??