Saje at Home Opens #onRobson

Saje Wellness, a Vancouver based company, is opening its’ first Saje at Home concept store on Robson Street. Saje at Home will be spreading #SajeLove throughout Vancouver with their nebulizers and healthy environment line.

We were lucky enough to be able to catch up with Kiara LeBlanc, Vice President of Brand & Creative at Saje to find out more about the upcoming Home Concept store and the company?s connection to Robson Street.


Why was your Robson Street location chosen for the Saje Home store expansion?

Robson is an amazing shopping destination for all walks of life. Tourist or local, it?s the place to shop, hang out, be inspired and feel the life force of this wonderful city called Vancouver. Ultimately we want to be ear to the ground and hear the first impressions coming from this vast group of people. I want any of our team to be able to go hang out with our community in this location and hear feedback real time.

What is your favourite thing about having a store located on Robson Street?

Saje has a vision of ?Global Wellness?, so I love having a store on Robson because it feels like a big step in that direction. It has an amazing international community. Every time I am in the store and I hear a team member ask, ?Have you visited a Saje store before? and someone answers, ?no?, I love it. It is another baby step in spreading wellness to another corner of Vancouver or the world!

What is your favourite thing about being a local company with a local head office?

Trail running, sea wall rollerblading, grouse grinding, Granville Island grocery shopping, mountain biking, local skiing; these are the things that the crew at the Saje office live for. I love that this city makes it so easy to connect with nature, it makes all of us that much more passionate about connecting our communities with the healing power of plants. Each morning we set wellness goals with our teams and I always find myself in awe and gratitude of living in a place where our wellness goals can be so easily achieved.

What vision or experience does the new Saje Home concept store entail?

Saje at Home started as an idea between our CEO, Kate, and myself while travelling Germany looking at home decor and seeing things full of beauty, but lacking in natural ingredients. It is easy to accidentally fill your home with synthetic fragrances that ultimately are harming the immune system and therefor reducing your overall wellness. So the vision is resounding wellness in our community?s homes. Over the next 12 – 24 months we will continue to launch more and more beautiful products all with the vision of making your home a wellness oasis.

How do you define ?home?? And what does every home need?

We are defining home as anywhere you spend significant amounts of time. More and more people are spending a lot of time in work spaces, so how nice is it when your work space feels as beautiful as your home? We want to help achieve that. Every home needs a nebulizer or three, a few diffuser blends (rain forest, tranquility and goddess are my home’s must haves!), a Remedy Bar and a Liquid Sunshine candle, this is enough to turn any space into an oasis of health.

What are some factors attributing to Saje?s rapid growth?

It all starts with culture. We are a values based company that puts big importance on living our values and keeping our culture alive. I believe this can be felt when you enter a store, and when you interact with anyone on our team and this begins you on the journey towards holistic wellness. Next up is ingredients, our bodies know what they want and don?t want. There is a reason that when you enter an elevator with the person wearing too much perfume your body knows it wants out. The same is true when you enter a Saje store, whether guided by a team member or not, your body/nose will naturally guide you to what will best support your wellness. Lastly, design, though we are not a fashion company we keep trend and design at the forefront of what we do. We want every item purchased to be something you are proud of, want to show your friends and have sitting on your counter.

What are some design philosophies behind Saje?s new concept store?

Be beautiful. Feel fresh. Look clean and green. Our design team wanted you to walk in and feel inspired to make your own home feel this natural and beautiful.

What is your favourite Saje product and why?

There are so many hidden gems in the product line it is so hard to pick one! But my desert island Saje product would have to be Peppermint Halo; it is the duck tape of the Saje line. Headache, tight neck, hangover, low energy, back pain, sprained ankle, it handles it all.



The grand opening celebration begins at 5pm on March 31st and will continue on until 9pm. Co-founders Kate and Jean-Pierre will be there, as well as a number of our favourite local bloggers. To celebrate the opening, Saje will be offering special discounts of buy 1 and get 10% off or buy 2 and get 20% off. It is the perfect time to stock up on your Saje favourites (like Peppermint Halo!) or try something from their new home line.

The new Saje at Home store will feature beautiful mosaic tiles, a nebulizer bar and a living wall. We are so excited for their March 31st grand opening at 1091 Robson Street! See you there! If you stop by, be sure to share your pictures using the hashtag #onRobson or by tagging us on Instagram/Twitter at @RobsonStreet.