#eatRobson: Earls Robson

Recently, Earls Robson launched their new menu,?and we were more than?happy?to lend our taste buds to sample a few of the items!?Some old classics are returning to the lineup, including Key Lime Pie (yum) along with new dishes, like the $10 all day breakfast (again yum), which is?sure to be an easy favourite.

Thank goodness we came with empty stomachs because our table spread included?Shrimp Gyoza, Lettuce Wraps (to die!), Grilled Cheese + Cream of Tomato Soup and?the All Day Breakfast. And who can say no to dessert, especially when it is Key Lime Pie? We surprisingly polished that off too! We will definitely be back?to try the other new items at?Earls Robson: three new burgers, a wrap, a pizza, Chicken + Wontons on Rice, original recipe Calamari and comfort classic, Crispy Chicken Tenders + Penne Alfredo.

Earls #onRobson is the only Earls in downtown Vancouver with this new menu, so swing by their restaurant or 60-person patio this spring and check it out!

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