Winter #onRobson: Teri Smith

It may surprise you to know that there is a face, and a voice, behind Robson Street – and she?s come a long way from her first job at a local Business Improvement Association (BIA) 13 years ago. Now, as the Executive Director of the Robson BIA, Teri Smith has been the head woman in charge of ensuring Robson Street is a thriving shopping and dining district.

For the past three years, her hard work has been the driving force behind creating positive experiences for those strolling through the heartbeat of downtown Vancouver. It?s been a serendipitous journey to her current role as Executive Director, “I stumbled into this career, not even knowing what a BIA was,? says Teri.


Being a part of Robson Street was?like coming full circle for Teri. The street is lined with nostalgic memories for her, from cruising up and down Robson in her friend?s Nissan Pulsar, known amongst her circle as the ?yellow banana?, to?strolling the strip on foot with friends. She?s returned to her former stomping grounds, but with a fresh perspective. 18?years later, Teri now counts Robson Street as her second home, as she lives, breathes and struts Robson Street, Monday to Friday.

Every day is brimming with new challenges and exciting projects. And having an office on Robson Street makes indulging in her stylish side an added and accessible perk of the job. However, with so much hustle and bustle in her work life, the excitement doesn?t end there. She is still striving to manage being a lady boss and a mother of two.

blog_IMG_7465? ??Winter #onRobson: Teri Smith

When Teri?s 9 to 5 comes to a close, she clocks right back in for mom time. Her two little ones, Cole and Giorgia, are her proudest accomplishments, but becoming a mom is admittedly the most challenging part of Teri?s life, as she struggles to find the balance between her career and her family ? while still maintaining a piece of her own identity.

?From the moment I wake up, to the moment my kids go to bed ? it?s about my kids and work. There?s a little bit of time on either end where I can just focus on myself. Things are constantly changing with so many moving parts. Some days you feel like you?ve got things under control and other days, life is utter chaos.”

Follow Teri over the next few weeks and take a peek into how she manages the chaos and keeps her style game on point, from 9 to 5 and beyond.