Winter #onRobson: Modern Working Woman

Style in the workplace has changed so much over the years. It used to be very structured and strict, you had to fit inside the box with office fashion. Now, it?s much more acceptable to reflect your own personal style at work – just ask Teri Smith, Executive Director of the Robson Street Business Association – who?s been known to rock her classic femme style from the office to a night out on the town.

Serendipitously, Teri was fortunate to fall into her career thirteen?years ago after graduating university. ?With experience from three other local BIA’s, she landed what she considers her ‘dream job’ on Robson Street in 2013. She recalls instantly falling in love with the challenging atmosphere of this type of work, which pushes her to be continually learning and growing professionally. And in a role that is constantly evolving and putting forth new initiatives and projects, there is hardly time to be restless. Luckily, she?s been able to incorporate some little style hacks into her daily routine to make her work day a little more comfortable.

Winter #onRobson: Modern Working WomanWinter #onRobson: Modern Working Woman

?I?m usually carrying two pairs of shoes: flats for the commute and heels for the office.” For a woman jetting between meetings, the office, coffee breaks and transit stations – a stylish pair of flats are a practical way to avoid teetering on your best pumps. And when she can, she?ll take the chance on her lunch breaks to slip out to the shops on Robson for some well-deserved retail therapy.

Winter #onRobson: Modern Working Woman Winter #onRobson: Modern Working WomanWinter #onRobson: Modern Working Woman

While Teri has found a career she?s passionate about (and gets to be stylish five days a week), she also alludes to?challenges she faces as a working mom. “Myself, and many women included feel they are pulled in so many directions, which can be very overwhelming at times. I have often felt like I am failing as a mom, in my job, at life etc. Being comfortable opening up and sharing our insecurities, as well as accepting our limitations, is so important. It is a good reminder that we are not alone.”

Winter #onRobson: Modern Working Woman Winter #onRobson: Modern Working WomanWinter #onRobson: Modern Working Woman Winter #onRobson: Modern Working Woman

The surmounting pressures for women to be ?Totally Put Together? in every aspect of a busy life can be discouraging. The quest to succeed in a rewarding career, have the perfect home, be a perfect partner and be a stellar parent ? while still living up to societal definitions of beauty and style, leaves expectations of the modern working woman out of reach from reality. ?When you?re striving for perfection ? if that?s your goal ? you?re setting yourself up to fail,? says Teri, who ditched the crusade for perfection when she recognized it wasn?t serving her well to measure herself against unobtainable ideals.

?Understanding what is most important to you and brings you happiness by your own standards – that is what you should focus on.?

Stay tuned for our next blog when we delve into the knitty gritty of motherhood with Teri.?