Riddle Me Robson Giveaway


We can hardly believe it, the holidays are here,?and what better fun than to spread some good cheer.

Nine boxes have popped up along Robson Street,?each one representing a special treat.

Keep your eyes open around CB2, Aritzia and Sephora, and see what riddles we have in store for ya.

The draw will be random, only correct answers can play, ?grab a ballot and a pen and give our riddles a twiddle today!

Nine winners will be announced on the 18th of December, so come on down and join us on this holiday adventure.


How To Play:

  • Find the gift boxes located outside of CB2, Aritzia and Sephora on Robson street. ?On each gift box there will be a riddle.
  • Fill out a ballot form with your answer, name, phone number and e-mail and enter it into the gift box.
  • There are nine gift boxes total, with one riddle each. Answer one or all nine riddles to participate.
  • From the correct answers, a winner will be drawn at random and contacted on December 18. Good luck!
    *Contest now closed. Thank you for playing.


  1. It has 32 legs, but some say 36, but it really depends who you ask – inquire with St. Nick. (Reindeer)
  2. Sometimes it’s a flake, sometimes it’s a ball – but without it this season is nothing at all. (Snow)
  3. Sometimes they launch, and they may explode, but next to the tip of your foot some affection is owed. (Mistletoe)
  4. I’m known for my beauty and my unique flair, but my presence is fleeting, I’ll soon disappear. (Snowflake)
  5. It certainly takes a lot of balls to dress quite like it does. But who are we to comment, dress it up just because. (Christmas tree)
  6. Hip hop rhymes ?are rare during the season, but tucked under your tree their flow serves a whole different reason. (Wrapping paper)
  7. Ginger, cumin and tumeric say hello from afar, and tidings head your way from spices in jars. (Season’s greetings)
  8. They never burn longer, they only burn shorter – but lucky for us, they never go out of order. (Candles)
  9. There’s something in common between a knitter and a Christmas tree – it’s actually quite annoying, wouldn’t you agree? (Dropping needles)