Robson Live Busker Spotlight – Will Stelfox

This month we are featuring some of the buskers taking part in our new Robson Live pilot program! Last month we launched our Robson Live program, which continues through the end of August. Every Friday and Saturday from 4-7pm you can check out a variety of local performers sharing their talents on Robson Street. To better introduce you to our performers, we will be featuring a few of them on our blog! Today let’s meet magician Will Stelfox.


Where is your hometown?
Bragg Creek, Alberta.

How long have you been busking/performing?
I have been performing for five years.

What is your favourite thing about performing?
Discovering new ways to make my show better than it was the day before.

Who is your favourite performer?
When I started magic, Dan Sperry was my biggest inspiration.

What or who inspires you?
My credit card bills and rent cheque that needs to be paid sure do inspire me to perform a lot…

What would you name your debut show?
Shock Magic.

Any funny busking stories to share?
At the end of my show, my hat is on my table to collect tips. Money is not the only thing people have put in there. Some of the funniest things I’ve been tipped with include beer, condoms, expired bus tickets, casino chips and hard drugs.

What is your favourite thing to do in Vancouver?
The Roxy has always been a favourite of mine.


You can check Will performing on Robson Street until the end of August. Also be sure to check out his site here.

Photo by?Manto Nakumura.