Robson Live Busker Spotlight – Coldwater Road

This Summer we launched our Robson Live pilot program, which gives local entertainers a stage to perform on! Every Friday and Saturday from 4-7pm, until the end of August, you can catch some unique and talented entertainers along Robson Street. To get to know our buskers better, we are featuring a few of them on our blog. Today let’s get to know Patrick Spencer of Coldwater Road!

Where is your hometown?
Vancouver, born and raised!

How long have you been busking/performing?
Six or seven years. I started on Granville and Robson with a crappy little amp, I was awful!

What is your favourite thing about performing?
Music performance is a great way to meet new people. If you play a song that someone enjoys, you’ve established an instant connection or common interest. It is very easy to talk to folks if this has been established.

Who is your favourite performer?
This is always changing for me, but I’ve always admired Gord Downie of the Canadian band The Tragically Hip. He is a very creative songwriter with amazing storytelling and stage presence. He is definitely not afraid to express himself.

What or who inspires you?
Whenever I see a musician or artist working hard and dedicated to their craft, it always inspires me, no matter what genre. I like watching artists work because I understand the reasons they are doing it.

Tell us about your debut album.
Our debut album was titled ‘The Woods.’ It is named after a song I wrote about my Great Aunt Claire who got married for the first time at age sixteen. Her husband lost his job in Vancouver and had to move them to a tiny little cabin on Vancouver Island where he worked as a tree-faller.

What is your favourite thing to do in Vancouver?
Riding my bike around the Seawall, possibly stopping along the way for a cold bench beer somewhere. This is a great city to see from water-level.

You can catch Patrick Spencer of Coldwater Road performing on Robson Street until the end of August. Be sure to check out their music here!