Pop-Up Picnic Launch Event

Last week we launched our Pop-Up Picnic program and to celebrate we gathered our friends and had a picnic lunch, hosted by the lovely Erin of Sparkle Media! It was a fun afternoon spent in the sunshine chatting away, people watching and of course enjoying a delicious meal from our Pop-Up Picnic menu.




You too can enjoy an urban-style picnic with your friends during July and August on Robson Street, here is how it works:

1. Pick a restaurant ? there are six participating Robson Street Restaurants that have put together tasty take-out menu options that are quick and easy.
2. Place your food order ? simply drop by or call the restaurant ahead of time to place your order. Click here to see the menu.
3. Find a spot in the sun ? some perfect perches include a public seating area at 1100 Robson (SW corner of Thurlow), the Urban Pasture parklet in front of Caf? Crepe or the new Porch Parade installation at 800 Robson.
4. Feel good ? we?re donating $1 to the Vancouver Food Bank for every ordered lunch!

Bon appetite, friends!