Aritzia Anchors 1100 Block

We’re excited to announce Aritzia‘s up-and-coming flagship expansion on Robson Street in 2016! An additional 6,500 sq. ft. store will sit along existing Aritzia, Aritzia Base and Wilfred at the prime intersection of Robson?and Thurlow. Aritzia curates a collection of beautiful women’s clothes?and accessories, many of which are from its’?own house brands, including Talula, Babaton, Castings, Auxillary etc. Beyond the clothes, each of Aritzia’s stores is?thoughtfully and beautifully designed, using only the highest quality materials, ambient lighting and luxuriously warm finishes, creating a memorable?shopping experience for its customers. Aritzia opened its first Westcoast Wilfred store last December, which?is nothing short of stunning. It has been a great addition to the street, and we can’t wait to see the Thurlow corner begin its transformation.