Eat Robson Brunch | Cafe Crepe

Time to put your bib on…it’s brunch o’clock! Eat Robson?Brunch?is a new dining series spotlighting different restaurants along Robson Street, to give you a behind the scenes look into the kitchens and chefs that make our neighborhood so scrumptious. To kick?things off, ?we chatted with?Kitchen Manager,?Luke Bae of Caf? Crepe, a French inspired pit stop?adored by both?locals and tourists for a?quick?snack to-go,?or a?proper sit-down affair.??Don’t believe us? Visit our Robson location, the?aroma alone will?have you craving for a crepe. Nutella is simply our favourite. Tip:?enjoy your crepe?on the Urban Pasture parklet, the perfect perch for people watching!

Luke Bae,?Kitchen Manager

1.What are some things you want people to know about your restaurant?
It is a great place to have breakfast in the morning.?More than just crepes, we have a wide variety on the menu. Caf? Crepe is also a very relaxing place with a friendly staff that provides quick and great service. It’s a very?nice way to have breakfast before work.

2. What is the one dish you recommend to your customers every time?
The Breakfast special. It?is very unique and?there is no other?place?where you can find a breakfast?that is served?with a?sweet crepe. Plus, it has good value.

The Breakfast Special is three eggs any style, bacon or sausage with choice of any sweet crepe (Sugar, Butter Apply Sauce Cinnamon, Sugar Honey Coconut, Sugar Lemon, Sugar Maple Syrup or Jam) for $10.00

3. What do you love about working in a restaurant on Robson street?
The environment and the people. There are a lot of tourists and interesting people?on Robson Street from all over the world, so it is very busy and crowded, but it is more fun?this way. Robson Street?is also a great place to start my day after a work shift.

4. Who do you love cooking for?

Customers. I love cooking and my job.?I am very happy. It makes me feel great when?I see customers laughing, smiling and?enjoying their dishes.?Nothing makes me feel better.?I believe that?food brings people together.

5. What is your favorite meal of the day? Why?

Breakfast. ?It is the first meal of the day and the most important meal of the day as well.?Starting my day with breakfast makes me energized and less tired.

6. How would you describe the kitchen staff that you work with?

The staff here are very friendly and motivated, they have very good communication skills along with great chemistry. Together we create a pleasant atmosphere.

Thank you, Chef!
Want?to experience?a meal?at Caf? Crepe??Here is your chance! Our friend, Vancouver Foodie, is?hosting a simple giveaway on her?Instagram?for?four people to win $25 gift cards?each to Caf? Crepe, so head on over to @VancouverFoodie?for the?details to eneter. To follow along Vancouver Foodie?s Robson eating adventure, or to show us your?favourite dishes,?use?hashtag #eatrobson. Bon appetite, everyone!