Eat Robson Brunch | ABODE

Eat Robson?Brunch?is a new dining series spotlighting different restaurants along Robson Street, to give you a behind the scenes look into the kitchens and chefs that make our neighborhood so scrumptious. This week, we chatted with?Chef Tannis Smith of ABODE, a?newly renovated?eatery with a reinvented menu?specializing in?comfort foods; serving up breakfast, lunch, happy hour and dinner daily. Located in the ?historic Blue Horizon Hotel, ABODE?is home?to one?of the best street facing patios?on Robson?Street, perfect for soaking in the sunshine and for people watching of course. So gather a few friends, sit back, relax, order a pitcher of Sangria and just enjoy your meal!

Tannis Smith, Chef

1. What inspired you to be a chef?
Creating my own menus and putting my passion on a plate excites me beyond belief. I love attracting curious diners in the doors with my proud creations.?The challenge of being able to push culinary?boundaries?without going over the top is very inspiring.

2. What do you love about working in a restaurant on Robson Street?
Robson street is honestly the heart of this city (if not the Province!). Thousands of people from around the world flock to Robson Street and I get to connect with them through my art, hopefully leaving a fantastic lasting memory in their Vancouver dining experience.

3. What do you think about Vancouver?s food scene?
Vancouver’s food scene is ever changing. I like that foodies, bloggers and diners are getting used to going outside of?their comfort zone – trying new exotic dishes, experimenting with all the different cultures we are so lucky to have, stepping away from the go-to burger and indulging in something new and exciting.

4. How would you describe the kitchen staff that you work with ?
My kitchen staff inspires me. I’ve been here a year, and with very low turn over, I’ve been able to watch them all grow – both in kitchen skills and as young adults. They’re all very excited to learn, create and experiment. I often confide in them when creating a dish and am confident in their skill levels. They are all very passionate and trustworthy, I am very proud to have them as part of my team.

5. What is your favourite meal of the day? Why?
Dinner – no doubt. At home and at?Abode. Better yet, cooking outdoors. At?home I have an industrial smoker, a show piece BBQ and an outdoor fryer – it’s my happy place. Nothing is better than making a huge elaborate dinner that takes all day to prepare and sitting with friends as the sun’s going down. Then just binge eat until you get sleepy.

6. What is your go-to birthday meal?
Whiskey. I am a chef after all.

Thank you, Chef!

Want?to experience?a meal?at ABODE??Here is your chance! Our friend, Vancouver Foodie, is?hosting a simple giveaway on her?Instagram?for?two people to win a $50 gift card each to ABODE, so head on over to @VancouverFoodie?for the?details to enter. To follow along Vancouver Foodie?s Robson eating adventure, or to show us your?favourite dishes,?use?hashtag #eatrobson. Bon appetite, everyone!
Photo by Emma Choo