Transform Robson Street!

VIVA Vancouver Robson Redux is a new local competition for fresh design and concept?ideas that will temporarily transform the iconic?800 block of Robson Street this summer into a Pedestrian Plaza. In the past, the?800 block?has?seen?Pop Rocks loungers, PICNURBIA, and a cedar plank patio. This year?s theme is connection: people?s connection to one another and people?s connection to the space.

The selected design will be built and installed in time for the Canada Day long weekend in 2014.?This is the first year that a competition process has been used to select the public space installation. ?Early bird registration ends February 14, 2014 and the deadline for design team registration is March 3, 2014.

VIVA Vancouver is a public space program that specializes in turning road spaces into people places. Working with various community partners, the program is aimed at re-purposing road space to create temporary or semi-permanent public space. In doing so, VIVA Vancouver lays the foundation for a vibrant public space realm that fosters social connections between neighbours and encourages residents to engage in active modes of transportation like walking or cycling.